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Be Safe, Trust Only Original So Safe Products

Fake So Safe products are sold across the world and you may be a victim. These counterfeit products may be available to a consumers for a little cheaper, but they pose significant health risks and dangers due to substandard materials and workmanship.

Compromising on the quality of a filter would compromise the quality of water and in turn, directly affect you and your family’s health.

Think smart! Always look for the Hologram in all So~Safe Filters and Purifiers, Cartridges, and Packaging

So~Safe Hologram

The hologram (as shown in the image above) symbolizes the originality of each So~Safe product. It is designed using latest digital laser-beam technology and consists of the following features:

  • Fully Visible with Dynamic Effect
  • 3D Globe Model Movement
  • Kinetic and Animation Effect
  • Micro-text “SO SAFE” in Multi-Color Movement
  • Concealed Text
  • 2D/3D Depth Effect
  • Gradient Effect

Below are a few Hologram samples that are not original:

A non-safe hologram
This is another example of a So~Safe sticker that is not genuine

Did you know ?

A vast majority of bottled water companies supply filtered and packaged tap water.


Now that we have Apollo softening system in our home, it's hard to imagine what we were doing without it. Installation and customer service was fantastic and the unit was installed into our home seamlessly. We are extremely satisfied customers and would highly recommend the services to all our famil...

- Mariam, Resident of Jumeirah, Dubai
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