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In 1988, So~Safe launched its first water filter, a simple sediment filter that made dirty tap water crystal clear. The filter became an instant success and as demand grew over the years, So~Safe has launched more advanced purifiers ranging from drinking water purifiers to whole house purification systems as well as small to large scale desalination and water treatment plants for industries and communities.

We are proud and humbled knowing that millions around the world place their trust in So~Safe to protect their families from harmful contaminants in their water. We attribute this success to the valued support of the Safian family, our dealers and distributors located in more than 60 countries.

To learn how to be part of our Safian family, please contact us.

Did you know ?

A healthy person can drink about three gallons (48 cups) of water per day.


We are still so safe with your system, keep track of the changing of filters and keep track of our water quality through lab tests and are perfectly within the readings.

- Daniel Hutmacher, Managing Director, Swiss International Chocolates LLC
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