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Tides Are Turning for Dubai’s Water Consumption: The Top Benefits in Switching to Filtered Water

Posted by:admin June 1, 2016

Necessity is the mother of invention. There once was a time when the very idea of drinking tap water in the UAE was considered ridiculous. Emiratis were of the mindset that tap water was useful only in cleaning, that the only water fit to drink was bottled. However, thanks to some incredible advancements in the […]

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What’s in Your Bottled Water and Tap Water? The answer may shock you

Posted by:admin April 7, 2016

The water flowing from your tap looks perfectly safe. But is it as clear, clean, and pure as it appears? Legitimate Concerns Many questions have been raised about the purity of drinking water in Dubai. This is natural. Water is a scarce commodity throughout the UAE, and since desalinated seawater is the primary source of water […]

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The Many Benefits of cooking with Filtered Water

Posted by:admin March 31, 2016

It’s healthy, nutritious, and tasty. That leafy green salad, tray of fresh fruit, steaming bowls of pasta and rice may look tempting and delicious, filling the air with savoury aromas, but there may be more than meets the eye. Discover how filtered water can change your cooking. The Hidden Ingredient A healthful diet requires planning, […]

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The Dangers Of Acquiring Waterborne Diseases From Drinking Unfiltered Water

Posted by:admin March 24, 2016

When it comes to drinking water, the number one concern that everyone has is whether or not it is safe. In some parts of the world, the water from the tap is assumed to be safe, but there are places where water is known to be dangerous and where water filtration isn’t just a good […]

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Hair Loss Problems in Dubai and How To Prevent It

Posted by:admin March 3, 2016

Hair loss problems due to water from your shower need no longer be an issue. With healthy living becoming an increasing concern among the global population, hair loss is also attracting more attention. This is due to the fact that your personal health and hair loss are related. Even if you are currently not in […]

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Hard 5-gallon plastic bottles made with polycarbonate plastics and identified by the #7 recycling symbol may leach BPA or Bisphenol A.


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