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5 apps that help you monitor and drink water

Posted by:admin July 18, 2016

It can be easy to forget about one of the most important things we need to function properly: drinking enough water. Up to 60% of an adult’s body consists of water, and yet often we don’t manage to incorporate enough of this vital hydration source into our routines. Thankfully, the advent of technology and wireless […]

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How water can help you shed extra weight?

Posted by:admin

It is likely to be one of those stories you have heard about but never really read up on afterward. Does water really help you to lose weight? And if it is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Hydration is essential Indeed, ensuring you are keeping hydrated and healthy is a key part of […]

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Worst consequences of drinking bottled water

Posted by:admin June 9, 2016

New research suggests that the idea of bottled water being better for you is actually a misconception, as water filters are allowing for safe drinking water straight from the tap. What is the problem with bottled water? Aside from what is actually in water we find in bottles here, which we will get to in […]

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Tides Are Turning for Dubai’s Water Consumption: The Top Benefits in Switching to Filtered Water

Posted by:admin June 1, 2016

Necessity is the mother of invention. There once was a time when the very idea of drinking tap water in the UAE was considered ridiculous. Emiratis were of the mindset that tap water was useful only in cleaning, that the only water fit to drink was bottled. However, thanks to some incredible advancements in the […]

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What’s in Your Bottled Water and Tap Water? The answer may shock you

Posted by:admin April 7, 2016

The water flowing from your tap looks perfectly safe. But is it as clear, clean, and pure as it appears? Legitimate Concerns Many questions have been raised about the purity of drinking water in Dubai.┬áThis is natural. Water is a scarce commodity throughout the UAE, and since desalinated seawater is the primary source of water […]

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Did you know ?

Hard water causes scaling that can increase your electricity consumption by more than 40%.


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- Mariam, Resident of Jumeirah, Dubai
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