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How to Make Sure You Get the Best Water in Dubai for Your Family

Posted by:admin February 25, 2016

How can you ensure you get the best water in Dubai? In 2015, bold headlines read, “UAE Tap Water is Safe to Drink.”  What the headlines should have said is, “UAE Tap Water is Safe to Drink When It Leaves the Processing Plant.”  Once it enters the water system and residual water tanks that supply […]

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Low-cost Home Based Water Purification Systems in the UAE

Posted by:admin February 18, 2016

How home based water purification systems are helping UAE residents save money. If you live in the United Arab Emirates, you probably have a greater-than-normal need for fresh tap water for drinking, food preparation, cooking, and bathing. Extreme temperatures and a dry climate necessitates for a typical UAE resident to consume 10 times as much water […]

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Reverse Osmosis Technology And How It Cleans The Water You Use

Posted by:admin February 15, 2016

Reverse osmosis has changed the way that many people are able to access clean water. Dubai’s population is expected to explode to approximately 3.4 million by the year 2020. Quenching the thirst and filling the pots, showers, and tubs of its residents will continue to be a priority far into the future. Pure, or Not So Pure […]

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Bottled Water Versus Filtered Water: Which One is Best?

Posted by:admin January 28, 2016

  The debate has long raged over what is better; bottled water or filtered tap water? The U.S. and Canada are considering banning bottled water sales. This may seem extreme, but the data is conclusive: Plastic water bottles take over 1,000 years to bio-degrade. If incinerated, they produce toxic fumes. Only 1 out of every […]

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The Latest Developments about Drinking Water That You Have To Know

Posted by:admin January 27, 2016

Drinking water in the UAE is always a hot topic, especially for new residents. With Dubai’s population booming at unparalleled rates, the water treatment companies in UAE are processing hundreds of millions of gallons of water a day. Drinking water is the primary product of these efforts. This much rapid growth is often accompanied by […]

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Did you know ?

Plastic bottles leach extremely harmful chemicals in the water especially under high summer temperatures.


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