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Disadvantages of Using Unfiltered Tap Water

Posted by:admin January 4, 2016

Drinking unfiltered tap water in many places in the world could be bad for your health. Staying hydrated is at the core of a healthy lifestyle, especially in a city with such high temperatures as Dubai. Drinking water in Dubai is crucial to any resident’s vitality, productivity, and appearance. But when trying to maintain this optimum […]

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Seven Benefits Of A Shower Filter That May Change Your Perspective

Posted by:admin

  Is using a shower filter really an essential part of our daily hygiene routine? Unfortunately, what we do not realize are the hidden dangers of tap water in the shower. A lot of research and information available today confirms that chlorine, SOC’s /VOC’s, and other chemicals found in tap water present justifiable health concerns such as asthma, […]

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7 Very Common Misconceptions About Water Treatment In Dubai

Posted by:admin

There are several myths and misconceptions about water treatment in Dubai and its safety for consumption. Let us delve deeper and find out the truth behind Dubai’s water treatment process and what Dubai is doing to counteract these beliefs regarding drinking water in Dubai. 1. Tap water = Safe to drink The topic of water treatment in Dubai […]

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How You Can Drink and Use Clean, Purified Water With Lower Cost in Dubai

Posted by:admin

Clean, purified water is a necessity, not a commodity. Unbeknownst to much of the rest of the world, this crucial part of your day-to-day life is outside of the range of affordability for many residents of Dubai and the UAE.  At least, it seems to be… although this may not be the case. It’s a little-known […]

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Did you know ?

Bottled water in the UAE mostly comes from the same process as tap water, i.e. Desalination.


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