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Are you looking for an independent unit for eash shower or a central system for your whole house?

Are you looking to only filter dirt particles or would you like a softening system to make sure your clothes remain soft & long lasting?

Are there any dissolved contaminants in your water e.g. very high levels of Iron Flouride, Sodium, Arsenic?

Are you looking for an independent washing machine filter or Soft water system for your whole house?

Do you smell/feel high levels of chlorine in your water? P.S. Chlorine in water causes dryness of skin of has a distinct smell similar to what we experience in swimming pools.

Products & Solutions provided in this section are meant to guide users based on most common scenarios. For complete installations or places where water quality is unknown, we recommend users to contact us directly in order to propose the best possible solution. So~Safe does not accept responsibility if customers select products based on this guide alone without complete knowledge of feed water quality & site conditions.
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