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See how amazing life is with So~Safe.


Meet Zara, a young mother of two. She is a proud Safian who trusts only So~Safe water when it comes to her family. Find out how Zara and her family stay protected while enjoying only the healthiest water, with the Apollo Whole House Water Purifier and the Santéo Mineral Water Purifier.


Zara's family drinks Santéo water all day. Even the ice maker in their refrigerator is connected with Santéo, making the ice they put in water or juices just as pure!


Every morning Zara wakes up to make breakfast for her children. She washes fresh fruits with peace of mind, knowing they are not absorbing chlorine and other harmful contaminants.


The lightness of fresh Santéo water makes even her morning cup of tea taste like none other!


Both the adults and children enjoy their morning showers. The soft, crystal clear water is great for their hair and skin!


They start the day by brushing their teeth with fresh clean water, not worrying about dirty particles or bacteria from unfiltered water.


With the softness of Apollo water Zara's and her family's clothes require less detergents, saving her money! Their clothes last through more washes, remain softer after each wash, and white spots on colored fabrics are a thing of the past.


While boiling water alone cannot safeguard food from contamination, Santéo water is safe from bacteria and viruses. Zara easily pours pure Santéo water from her kitchen sink to use for cooking and washing food.


The children carry Santéo water in reusable aluminum bottles to school. They have learned from their mother not to trust plastic bottled water because it leaches harmful chemicals into the water when exposed to sunlight or high temperatures.


Zara's husband has the Santéo Mineral Water Purifier connected to a hot/cold water dispenser at work; he and his coworkers have fresh, great tasting water available 24/7.

He saves money by not buying bulks of water bottles, and also saves space by not having to store bottles around the office. His employees stay happy with better tasting coffee made from Santéo water; and his employees stay hydrated, energetic and healthy by drinking Santéo water throughout the day.

His employees are happy because their coffee tastes so much better with Santeo than any other kind of water. Because of the lightness of Santeo, they drink lots of water all day staying hydrated, energetic and healthy.

Learn more about Santéo Drinking Water Purifier and Apollo Whole House Water Purifier.

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