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Tap water costs at least 15 times less than bottled water.

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Now that we have Apollo softening system in our home, it's hard to imagine what we were doing without it. Installation and customer service was fantastic and the unit was installed into our home seamlessly. We are extremely satisfied customers and would highly recommend the services to all our famil...

- Mariam, Resident of Jumeirah, Dubai
DomesticProductsLaundry & Dirt Removal FiltersIn-line Ecoline Single Water Conditioner 10”

In-line Ecoline Single Water Conditioner 10”

Soft water ideal for laundry and washing.

So~Safe Single In-line Water Conditioner is designed to protect the clothes you love with purified and conditioned water.

HCU Cartridge combines 3 stages of purification in to one.

Multi Stage Purification

  • Stage 1: Removal of Sediments & dirt particles
  • Stage 2: Removal of Chlorine & organic chemicals
  • Stage 3: Reduces Hard Chemicals, making water soft

Save Money

  • Less use of washing powder and detergents as they mix easily soft water

Recharge and Reuse

  • Recharge within minutes and reuse up to 4-5 times before replacing the cartridge

Easy to Install

  • Can be mounted on the wall and connected directly with the water line

1 year Warranty

  • Free replacement within 1 year of purchase in case of any manufacturing defect

Money-back Guarantee

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Model: FHEC10-HCU-PB
  • Installation Type: Wall Mounting
  • Head: Polypropylene (Blue)
  • Sump: SAN (Transparent/Clear)
  • O-Ring: NBR 70
  • Housing Type: Ecoline*
  • Working Pressure min/max: 20 psi (1.38 bar) / 125 psi (8.62 bar)
  • Burst Pressure: 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Working Temperature: 0 ᵒC min / 37.5 ᵒC max
  • Flow Rate (empty at 2 bar): 3 US GPM
  • Life Test: 200,000 cycles from 0-10 bar
  • Port Size: ¾”
  • Rechargeable: Every 2-3 weeks (with standard salt)
  • Case Quantity: 12 pcs

* Water lines under high pressures, or where water hammering occurs, we recommend using S4 Polypropylene Housing.

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