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Consuming tap water high in salt content increases risk of kidney stones over time.

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Water Softener Cartridge 20” Gold

Softener resin makes water soft through ion-exchange process. Carbon removes chlorine, pesticides,herbicides, organic chemicals, and bad taste and odor.

Dimensions: 73mm x 496mm
Replacement: 4-6 months (Frequency may vary depending on local water conditions)
Regeneration/Recharge: Every 2-3 weeks

Water Softener Cartridge 20” Gold; Compatible with 20” Regular Housing

To check which housing comes with your system, review the Specifications tab of your Purifier or find the
housing model in the front sticker pasted on your purifier.


  • Filter Media: Strong Cation Resin (FDA grade)
  • Pre-filter: Polypropylene
  • Post-filter: 4″ long Polypropylene Yarn Cartridge 1 micron
  • Shell Material: HIPS
  • End Caps: HIPS
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 60 ᵒC (140 ᵒF)
  • Change Out Pressure: 2.75 bar (40 psi)
  • Max. Differential Pressure: 7 bar (100 psi)
  • Case Quantity: 15 pcs
  • Case Dimensions (mm): 405 x 243 x 530
  • Case Weight: 15 kg
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