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Plastic bottles leach extremely harmful chemicals in the water especially under high summer temperatures.

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We are still so safe with your system, keep track of the changing of filters and keep track of our water quality through lab tests and are perfectly within the readings.

- Daniel Hutmacher, Managing Director, Swiss International Chocolates LLC

Tap Filters

CWFC409D / Faucet Mount
4-Stage Compact Ceramic Water Filter with Antibacterial Nanotechnology.

  • Ideal filter to remove contaminants from tap water
  • Removes dust, rust, and suspended particles up to 0.9 micron
  • Removes chlorine, organic chemicals and improves taste and odor
  • Balances pH through Calcium Sulphite ceramic balls
  • Polishes water through Antibacterial Nanofiltration technology
  • Washable and can last over 6 months of regular use
  • Easy to install on kitchen faucets

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