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Even low level exposure to many common contaminants can, over time, cause severe illness including liver damage, cancer, and other serious ailments.

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Now that we have Apollo softening system in our home, it's hard to imagine what we were doing without it. Installation and customer service was fantastic and the unit was installed into our home seamlessly. We are extremely satisfied customers and would highly recommend the services to all our famil...

- Mariam, Resident of Jumeirah, Dubai

Test Kits

Simple and instant litmus test for Iron (Ferrous), ideal for home use.

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Simple and instant color test for Total Chlorine and Bromine as well as pH, ideal for home...

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Simple and instant litmus test for Total Hardness, ideal for home use.

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Simple and instant digital test for Total Dissolved Solids/Salts (TDS), ideal for home use...

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Why spend hundreds of dollars for a microbiological lab test, when you can do it yourself ...

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