About Us

Our Mission

The mission of this organization is to provide effective water treatment solutions which are in accordance with the international health standards.

So~Safe endeavors to contribute in protection and improvement of the environment by vigorous educational programs and research for developing environment friendly products.

The company aspires at improving the quality of life of people in our society by designing and manufacturing durable, innovative and superior water purification products and services which are easily accessible to everyone. We believe in developing cordial long lasting relations with our suppliers, customers and employees by maintaining professionalism in our work within our ethical boundaries.

Our Vision

So~Safe aims to provide good quality of life by addressing the clean water requirements; it is attaining this goal by offeringworthy water filtration equipment which are customized to fulfill the demands of customers to meet both commercial and residential needs.

Valuable part of our organization

At So~Safe, values are an integral part of our system and our people strive to bring a difference in society. Additionally, our values are defined in accordance to our team and all of us work together to make meaningful contribution in our vision. Some of the core values of So~Safe are:


So~Safe will always be honest, accommodating and professional whenever interacting with the customers. We are always there to listen to our customers, suppliers, employees and almost everyone.


So~Safe is a firm believer of inventing new things and learning from failures and that is why we disburse, innovate, push the limits, try innovative ideas, learn and simplify things.


So~Safe believes in working as a team and all of us act together as a one big, strong entity.


In the fast pace world, speed, flexibility and action are crucial as compared to proactive planning. So~Safe has different approach from more resources needed thinking as we are ingenious, lean, resourceful, vigorous and agile.


So~Safe will make sure that our business standards are always the best and we will forever be accountable for our actions.


So~Safe makes sure that the best durable solutions are provided as we take pride in utilizing our skills, experience and ingenuity to develop the efficient products for our customers.

Customer satisfaction

So~Safe aims to exceed the customer expectations by providing timely support throughout the life of our product right from assessment to maintenance as we want to maintain our reputation as a loyal and reliable company.

Environment friendly

So~Safe ensures that our entire value chain is eco-friendly and our work environment is healthy and safe as we are the primary source of providing good quality of life to our society

Pure Water for Healthy lifestyle

From beginning its operations in 1988, So~Safe has been continuously accomplishing its mission of providing the superior quality water filtration products at affordable prices. All of our offerings have produced profound results as we have successfully addressed the clean water needs of our clients. We are offering a diverse range of filters, filtration systems and RO systems which are designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of our both residential and commercial clients.

As So~Safe has a prominent position in the water treatment industry by having presence in more than 60 countries, it consistently strives to respond proactively to the increasing and changing demands of the industry. By thinking ahead of the expected new requirements of our customers, we adapt quickly to the changes in our customer’s needs. Additionally, the continuous growth of our company, which is our commitment to deliver durable, efficient and high quality water treatment products, has allowed us to build long lasting relations with our customers. Our clients are like our team and we make sure that each one of them is satisfied with the level of service provided to them and we give our 100% attention to every client so that they are happy with our services.

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