Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (ZLD) Systems

What is Brackish Water?

This water is comprised of more dissolved solids as compared to those found in tap water but it has low level of sanity than seawater. The impurities present in the water make it difficult for usage purpose.

If you are from an industry that requires clean water for its production, cooling or cleaning, you know that water plays a crucial role in all aspects of your business. Hence, it is vital for your company to have a reliable stream of purified water to make sure that international standards of the product quality are met.

With the water sources becoming scarce, reverse osmosis based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions are becoming a cost effective option. So~Safe’s products are ideal for ZLD applications, achieving up to 98% water recovery which helps in reducing the high capital and operating costs of obtaining excess raw water.

So~Safe’s closed circuit Reverse Osmosis System is a tailor-made solution to cater all your water requirements with salt rejection up to 99% with resistance to fouling and scaling of the RO membranes.

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