Wastewater Treatment Plants | UAE

  • Pathogens – Fungi, virus or other microorganisms which can be found in wastewater that can lead to various health related issues
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) – A high level of BOD given an indication that there is a raised concentration of biodegradable material in the wastewater
  • Metals – They can cause widespread damage to human health and water when they are left in elevated concentrations in the wastewater
  • Synthetic chemicals – They can be transmitted to the environment and humans through wastewater which will be damaging for the community as a whole
  • Total suspended solids and dissolved solids – They can cause issues with aquatic life and agriculture and can also cause scaling and foul piping and machinery
  • Phosphates and Nitrates – Large amount of Nitrates can cause an increase in BOD that can result in extensive growth of algae, weed and phytoplankton which can in turn lead to eutrophication or environmental dead zones

Call So~Safe today to see if we can provide you a tailored engineered solution for improving your efficient cycle, enhancing recovery volume and reuse the process waste along with complying with the discharge regulations so that you can recover and concentrate on the worthwhile byproducts.

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