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As primary objective of our company is to provide clean and pure water to everyone at affordable price, we have made sure that all of our systems are efficient. Since the technological advancements are taking place at a fast pace, we make sure that our offerings are up-to-date and have the latest technologies so that our systems never get outdated. Our maintenance team also makes sure that the systems are provided maintenance services at regular intervals so that any loophole in the product is identified and addressed to enhance the efficiency level of the system.


With a presence spanning 25 years in the water purification sector, we embody expertise and the trust our customers have in us around the UAE and across the globe. Our client base predominantly comprises globally recognized firms, showcasing the confidence they have in our expertise the manufacturing of purification system.


Our company's core mission revolves around ensuring clean and pure water is accessible to all at affordable prices. We have prioritized the efficiency of all our systems, including water purification, air filtration systems, consistently ensuring their effectiveness. Given the rapid pace of technological advancements, we adopt the most innovative updations in our products.

Competitive Edge – People, quality and environment

By using So~Safe purifiers for more than 25 years, millions of families have benefited from having safe and healthy water.

Having clean and healthy water is a basic need of every human and So~Safe is the ultimate solution provider of best quality filtration systems as it has made accessibility to healthy water easy and economical. The filters can effectively remove more than 97% of impurities which are usually found in water. So~Safe gives utmost importance to two approaches and has embedded them in its operational philosophy healthy living and environment friendly.

Healthy Living

  • The water that we use for cooking, showering, laundry, cleaning and drinking can have a substantial effect on our overall health. So~Safe e makes easy accessibility to clean and pure water by its water filtration systems.
  • All of our products have top quality filtration technology to make sure that there is maximum reduction in the contaminations present in water. At the same time, the beneficial minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium are there in water so that it is healthy and tasty water ideal to provide optimum level of hydration to the body.
  • Our point-of-use purifiers always make sure that water is fresh and safe and is always available at the turn of a tap. All So~Safe drinking water purifiers are made from FDA grade raw materials and components making them safe for drinking water use.
  • Our filtration system has ISO 9001:2007 certification and we have membership of the Water Quality Association USA which ensure that all contaminations are reduced from the water including chlorine, lead, chloramine, turbidity, asbestos, nickel, cobalt, copper and mercury among other heavy dissolved metals.
  • All of our products have state-of-the-art technology so that our customers can be benefitted from our range of high performance products which are safe for the environment.
  • By using So~Safe water systems, the hair, skin and overall health of our customers is enhanced.

Environment friendly offerings

  • So~Safe products and systems are developed by keeping eco-friendly approach in focus. All of our components are designed in such a way that there is minimal amount of wastage and our filter cartridges are made of recyclable parts.
  • Our products help in reducing the usage of bottled water which in turn decreases the landfills and costs. The bottled water is 10 times more expensive than purified tap water.

International Collaborations

So~Safe Water Technologies is working in collaboration with many international companies
in the field of water and wastewater engineering.

These are:

  • Pan America Environmental Inc
  • Pentair, USA
  • So~Safe Products LLC, UAE
  • Marlo Incorporated, USA
  • Applied Membranes, USA
  • Pure Aqua, USA
  • Peraqua, Austria
  • Atlantic Ultraviolet, USA
  • First Light, USA
  • Midas Germany
  • Somicon Switzerland

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