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Our innovative solutions for your safe water needs

So~Safe Water Technologies is a prominent leader in providing best quality water filtration products by
employing the world class water purification technologies.

Since its inception in 1988, our organization has been led by Sultan Mahmood and Shahid Mahmood with the purpose of providing domestic filtration systems so that people have safe, fresh and healthy drinking water; the primary objective of our firm is to provide reasonable solutions to the clients in water purification industry.

In order to strengthen our position in the industry, we have diversified our business by including in our portfolio the designing, installation and commissioning of industrial Reverse Osmosis/Wastewater Treatment Plants globally. In addition to making a mark in Pakistan and UAE, we have been successfully supplying the products to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Durable and Economical Products

In order to provide clean, healthy and great tasting water, we have made sure that we have affordable and environment friendly water purification equipment. When it comes to meeting the clean water requirements, So~Safe Water Technologies is the right choice as our products are budget friendly and are ideal both in terms of value for money and quality.

Profound Customer care

Our company has an edge in the water purification industry in terms of our after sales services. All of our customer representatives give utmost importance to each and every client of ours to make sure that all their queries are properly handled. We are available 24/7 to respond to our customers so that they can have pure water round the clock and continue to live a healthy life.

Quality Assurance and control

The key strength of our organization is that all of our products are of food grade quality and virgin material. Our quality control team is comprised of individuals who are proficient in their work and give due importance to the quality of our materials by making right choices at all steps. We strive hard to fulfill the promise which we have done with our customers of providing them with solutions to enhance their well-being. It is our policy to never compromise on the quality of materials as we value our customers and will never risk of breaking their trust.

All of the personnel are properly trained and have the detailed knowledge of all the products and systems and they are involved with the customers from the implementation phase to ongoing monitoring and control of the systems. In 26 years of committed services to all the clients in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, the company has gained the confidence of its clients to the extent that the name So~Safe has become synonymous with quality and health.

Competitive Edge of our company


Clients Worldwide

19 Million Gallons per day

Biggest Municipal Water System installed



1.6 Million Gallons per day

Biggest Ultrafiltration Plant


Community Water
Centres Installed

5.7 Million Gallons per day

Biggest RO Plant


Waste Water
Treatment Plants


Domestic RO

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