The Latest Developments about Drinking Water That You Have To Know

December 4, 2018

Drinking water in the UAE is always a hot topic, especially for new residents.

With Dubai’s population booming at unparalleled rates, the water treatment companies in UAE are processing hundreds of millions of gallons of water a day. Drinking water is the primary product of these efforts. This much rapid growth is often accompanied by hiccups in the system. Luckily So-Safe is on the case. Millions of families around the world have benefited from So-Safe’s innovative technologies. Now So-Safe is turning its eye toward improving access to healthy, clean drinking water in Dubai.


The UAE currently has the third highest carbon footprint per capita in the world. With over 7 billion people in the world, there simply isn’t enough room on the planet for the vast number of non-refillable plastic drinking water bottles that so many of our citizens use daily. More than 6000 plastic water bottles head to landfills each day in the UAE. Plus, in addition to their physical waste, plastic water bottles also exclude small amounts of carbon dioxide that contributes to the greenhouse effect. So-Safe offers several sustainable options, such as purifiers made from FDA grade raw materials that make sure your drinking water is safe and clean. Water in Dubai can be cleaned and purified using So-Safe’s sustainable technology. The takeaway? Think outside the bottle.


When considering drinking water, it’s essential to put your money where your mouth is. Drinking bottled water can be ten times more expensive than using a So-Safe water purifier. The initial cost of a So-Safe purifying system is obviously higher than that of a small plastic water bottle, but within a short amount of time, your savings will have exceeded your expenditure. Continued purifier use will continue to put money back in your pocket. Simply fill up your reusable water bottle for deliciously fresh mineral water time and time again.


Not only does drinking bottled water contribute to the egregious plastic waste on our globe, it also fills our bodies with harmful trace chemicals. From prostate cancer to diabetes to pancreatic failure, such chemicals are plaguing our bodies’ long term functioning. overuse of plastics, it also may be harmful to your health. Scientists now find that the chemicals used in many plastic drinking bottles, such as bisphenol-A, are linked to a myriad of health concerns. From prostate cancer to diabetes to pancreatic failure, such chemicals are plaguing our bodies’ long term functioning. Drinking So-Safe mineral water from one of their proven home water systems offers nothing but health with each sip.

So Simple

From installation to first sip and beyond, So Safes ‘products are beyond easy to use. Simply fill and go, time and time again. So-Safe  water will be available at the turn of a tap 24/7/365. No need to reorder bulky boxes of treated water. So-Safe is the obvious choice for water treatment companies in UAE. Discover what’s on offer from our products section today.

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