Hair Loss Problems in Dubai and How To Prevent It

December 4, 2018

Hair loss problems due to water from your shower need no longer be an issue.

With healthy living becoming an increasing concern among the global population, hair loss is also attracting more attention. This is due to the fact that your personal health and hair loss are related. Even if you are currently not in the process of losing your hair, the chances are increasing that it could happen to you. There are numerous causes, both internal to the body and brought about by external forces. You owe it to yourself and your family to understand more about it and what steps can be taken to lower to potential that you might lose your hair.


There are numerous factors that may account for hair loss, which may include, among others, your physical and mental health, environment, diet, lifestyle, and even genes and you owe it to yourself and your family to understand more about loss and the steps can be taken to lower that potential of losing your crowning glory.


Both Genders Suffer Hair Loss

According to WebMd, women are just a likely to suffer as men. With as many as 20% of women in their 20’s, according to Dr Francesca Fusco, MD and more in their thirties and beyond, it affects the same number of men as it does women and the difference lies in the pattern of the loss. There are, however, certain elements that can cause or accelerate loss:

  • Medical Issues Such as Disease or Infection
  • Improper Hair Care Such as Harsh Detergents or Excessive Hair Dryer Use
  • Genetic Components, as there are some genes that can promote loss
  • Living in Dry/Semi Arid Environments
  • Chemical Intrusion in the Body


These last two are of primary concern in places such as the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, in specific. While the first three causes can occur anywhere, the last two are dependent on external conditions that can be controlled.


Harsh Chemicals In the Water and Dry Air/Humid Air

In a country like the UAE is partially the fault of a perfect storm of constantly changing atmospheric dynamics and the intrusions of chemicals, naturally found in desalinated water, that come together to further potential for loss in both men and women. Your body, in the dryer air will produce oils that will coat and penetrate the proteins that make up hair. This protects these proteins from damage caused by the dry air. When the air is moist, the opposite occurs and less oils are produced. This is a normal and natural process. It is when excess chemical intrusions occur that interfere with this natural process that the pattern begins to occur. In addition, these water-borne chemicals further interfere with other aspects, such as blood circulation, that eventually causes a domino effect.


Protect Yourself And Your Hair

In the UAE, over 90 percent of the water is desalinated.  And it is highly recommended that you install a water filter system in your home to properly adjust the water for your bodies needs thus protecting your health and your hair.  So-Safe Water Technologies carries all types of inline, portable, and whole house systems that will help reduce your exposure to the improperly balanced chemicals in the water.


From standard filtration to improving the mineral content of the water, these types of systems will help you maintain your overall health, as well as reduce the chances due to environmental factors. Using a water filtration technology system is just another way to protect you and your family. Contact So~Safe Water Technologies today and let us help you protect your family.


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