The Many Benefits of cooking with Filtered Water

December 4, 2018

It’s healthy, nutritious, and tasty. That leafy green salad, tray of fresh fruit, steaming bowls of pasta and rice may look tempting and delicious, filling the air with savoury aromas, but there may be more than meets the eye. Discover how filtered water can change your cooking.

The Hidden Ingredient

A healthful diet requires planning, but even the most nutritious ingredients are only as good as the care taken in preparation. Many foods are washed, soaked, or cooked in water, the hidden ingredient in much of our diet.

It’s What’s in the Water That Counts

Water is a molecule comprised of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H20). In this sense, all water is the same, but the similarity ends there. Even the best water in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE that comes directly from the tap, contains a mix of additives that are harmful for a human being. Chlorine and other chemical agents are pumped in to kill bacteria. Water flowing through pipes and held in storage tanks can pick up dirt, sediments, rust, excessive minerals, heavy metals, and even additional bacteria. All water may be the same, but we should understand that it’s what’s in the water that counts especially if the water is not fresh, desalinated, and supplied like it is in Dubai.

The Filtration Solution

Water purity is a frequent concern in Dubai. The local water supply comes from desalinated seawater that is heavily treated with chemicals. As a result, many seek an effective home water purification system in Dubai. Some have turned to bottled water in Dubai as the answer, but besides being expensive and cumbersome, bottled water has its own problems with contaminants. Tests have shown that bottled water contains many of the same pollutants commonly found in tap water. Others have discovered that filtration is the best solution. A water filter in Dubai or a water filtration system can provide a home or business with a water treatment process at the tap that eliminates undesirable chemical additives and contaminants in their water.

The Salad Tastes Funny

Fresh produce, vegetables, fruits and pasta that are washed, soaked, and cooked in tap water may contain more than the essential nutrients you had planned. The addition of chlorine and other contaminants picked up from tap water can decrease the appeal of the food you prepare, with natural flavours and textures being lost. Ultimately, food that is unappealing and uneaten provides no nutritional benefit.

Health Concerns

Even more important than the taste of the food, is the health impact of preparing foods in unfiltered water. A number of documented concerns arise when using unfiltered water in food preparation. For example:

  • Chlorine and other chemicals kill bacteria because they are poison. When you consume food prepared in chlorinated tap water, you are consuming a small quantity of those poisons. Over time, those chemicals may be absorbed by the body.
  • Long term chlorine absorption from tap water has been linked to cancers and heart diseases.
  • Heating chlorinated water while cooking releases the chlorine as a vapour, intensifying its potential adverse health impact.
  • Chemicals and contaminants consumed through food prepared in unfiltered water can result in allergic reactions and skin irritations.
  • Harmful bacteria can enter the water system through pipes and storage, even after initial chlorine treatment, and if unfiltered, may be transferred to food prepared in the water.

It is reasonable that if you have concerns about drinking tap water, you should have the same concerns about preparing and cooking food in it.

Eliminate the Concern

So-Safe Water Technologies can provide you with the a water filtration solution that will eliminate your concerns about tap water contamination. Prepare healthy, delicious foods and serve them up with confidence. Contact So-Safe today for a free water test.

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