How water can help you shed extra weight?

December 4, 2018

It is likely to be one of those stories you have heard about but never really read up on afterward. Does water really help you to lose weight? And if it is so easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Healthy woman drinking water at the gym while showing her bicep shot in winter time.

Hydration is essential
Indeed, ensuring you are keeping hydrated and healthy is a key part of allowing our bodies to function properly, and if you are looking to follow a fitness regime keeping yourself topped up with water can provide many benefits.

For one, drinking water speeds up our metabolism which relates to how fast we burn fat and other fuel sources in our body and turn them into energy.

Water also acts as a detox, and cleanses your system of additional toxins you are working hard to get rid of. It also acts to suppress your appetite, and stop you from undoing all that good work with giant portions of food.

In order to make the most of these benefits, we look at some top tips to maximize water intake and help make your fitness regime as optimized as it can be.

Drink before eating
So we don’t fill our faces after a heavy workout, it is best to drink at least a glass of water beforehand. This stops us from being too hungry and piling lots on the plate. Research indicates that a glass of water before you eat can reduce your food intake by 75 calories, which can make a big difference over the course of a year.

Water over soda
Fizzy drinks are often termed as ’empty calories’ by nutritionists as it can be very easy to consume a large amount of sugar without really noticing you’re ingesting it. Look to swap these out for a glass of water each time you’re about to reach for the soda bottle and make an instant change overnight. If you feel like you’re missing out on a flavor kick, add slices of lime, lemon or cucumber for an easy flavor boost.

Take it ice cold
When water is below room temperature, your body will have to work harder to bring it to an acceptable level to be digested. This means more work for your body, but this is exactly what you are after, right? Let your body do the work while you put your feet up after a long run and you can still carry on down the path to fitness.

The right type of water
To make sure you get all of the essential minerals and keep your metabolism up, check out So~Safe Water Purifiers and like their Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the latest water purifier technology, including the Santéo Mineral Water Purifier.

This 7-stage process can provide you with water that is tailored to how you like it and the minerals you need to keep your body going and stay as healthy as possible.

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