5 apps that help you monitor and drink water

December 4, 2018

It can be easy to forget about one of the most important things we need to function properly: drinking enough water. Up to 60% of an adult’s body consists of water, and yet often we don’t manage to incorporate enough of this vital hydration source into our routines.

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Thankfully, the advent of technology and wireless connectivity is about to help us make it a lot easier to get enough water into our bodies on a daily basis, as we look at the top apps to help monitor your water levels and stay hydrated for longer.

  • iDrated (free)
    This app takes on board information about your body type and uses it to deliver a tailored hydration routine, sets daily targets and monitors water levels in your body. It is currently one of the highest-rated apps for this purpose, and it is easy to see why.
  • Waterlogged (free)
    If you opt for this app, you will find it hard pressed to miss out on good levels of hydration. This medium sends reminders that you can set yourself, or allow to be randomized.Its recommendations can easily be tailored to the vessel you are drinking from, to increase the accuracy when monitoring how much water you are taking in.
  • Daily Water (free)
    This particular app offers the chance to set your own targets in terms of how much water you wish to bring into your daily routine, and helps to track how much you are drinking each day.It will then follow up your usage with relevant statistics to help you analyse how much water you are really getting into your body.
  • Plant Nanny (free)
    One of the most popular apps available right now for helping everyone to increase their water intake, this cute little app performs the simulation of watering a plant whenever you pour yourself a glass of water. After the plant recieves enough water, it will be transferred to a virtual garden and you will be given a new plant to take care of.As well as offering a different visual perspective, it may be very useful for some to visualize how much water they have drank over a certain period in a fun way such as this.
  • Eight Glasses a Day ($0.99)
    Again offering a visual aid to assist us in staying hydrated, this app will empty a visual glass of water each time you drink one for real. After reaching your set goal of water intake for the day, it will release a ‘tip for the day’ to keep you informed.
  • Convenient water filters
    Having constant access to a convenient source of water helps to keep hydrated throughout the day, but so much bottled water at home can mean a lot of plastic is used, wich is not good for both the environment and your wallet.So if you are looking for a long lasting solution, the So Safe Disinfecting Water Pitcher is a compact and easy way to have safe water as often as you need, without worrying about waste.Follow our Facebook page to keep updated with the latest products and information and increase your water intake in the way that is best for
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