4 reasons drinking water makes you a better employee

December 4, 2018

There are many things that can affect how productive we are at work, and indeed many of them are aspects that we can control.

Some of these ways are obvious, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that we will pay enough attention to these issues to properly address them. As an example, we all know that getting enough sleep is essential to being in a fit state for work each day, but how many of us went to bed early last night?

  1. Hydration increases our productivity
    Of course, we can do a lot more to aid how much good work we get done during the day, and not all of it is based on how many hours of sleep we got the previous night.Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is one of the top ways to make sure we properly regulate our bodily functions, and allow our brains to perform at full capacity, but there is more than just one good reason to make sure we drink enough water.Indeed, in the face of a busy work schedule we can easily forget some of the more mundane tasks that form a part of our day. Making sure we keep ourselves hydrated can be one of these essential aspects that can be neglected, but there are many reasons to suggest it could make our efforts at work more worthwhile.
  2. Increased focus
    In order for our brain to keep us focusing as we need to, it is essential we keep our vital organs effectively hydrated.According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry, an incredible 73% of our brain and heart are made up of water, so it is easy to see why maintaining our water levels could have an effect.A drop in these levels can make it difficult for us to properly concentrate on the task at hand, especially if deadlines are getting nearer and you need to make sure the clients are happy with the work you are producing for them.
  3. Productive for longer
    As well as increasing focus in the short-term, ensuring we drink enough water can also help us maintain those high levels of alertness and concentration for longer.Dehydration can cause you to feel drowsy and sluggish if you don’t meet your body’s needs for water intake, which can prevent you from having a clear head to get to grips with your work properly.
  4. General health
    Of course, the better we feel generally, the more productive we are likely to be as well.


The 8 glasses a day thumb rule
Making sure we have at least 8 glasses of water a day helps to get rid of the toxins that build up in our body, which can also help to keep our immune system stronger.

Mind and body
If our body is in the best condition, the chances are our mind will be as well. When our organs function at top speed, so can our mind. This allows us to work at peak capacity and get more done.

Providing drinking water at work
If you have an office and are looking to provide safe and clean drinking water for employees, be sure to check out So Safe on our Facebook page and like it to keep up to date with our latest offers.

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