How You Can Drink and Use Clean, Purified Water With Lower Cost in Dubai

December 17, 2018

Clean, purified water is a necessity, not a commodity.

Unbeknownst to much of the rest of the world, this crucial part of your day-to-day life is outside of the range of affordability for many residents of Dubai and the UAE.  At least, it seems to be… although this may not be the case.

It’s a little-known truth that much of the bottled water on the market is simply filtered tap water sold at exorbitant prices. How can anyone be expected to pay that much for drinking water? Especially since the effects of a clean water are almost cancelled out by bathing in chemical-filled and contaminated waters, a problem which no amount of bottled water can remedy.

All is not lost, however. There are efficient and highly affordable options for water filters in Dubai, which can render your tap water entirely safe for consumption at just a fraction of the cost, turning it into clean, purified water.  Gone are the days when you’re forced to shell out large quantities of money simply to avoid waterborne illnesses and the side effects they bring.

Speaking of side effects, the effects of unfiltered waters aren’t pretty. Many individuals have reported moderate to even severe stomach problems from ingesting tap water without a water filter in Dubai. Others have reported a significant case of hair loss in Dubai. Though it may be their job, water treatment companies in the UAE simply can’t keep up with all of the potential hazards their desalinated water output has to offer.

On top of the filter for your drinking water, you can even acquire an affordable shower water filter in Dubai, which is necessary at best and in a worst-case scenario could actually save your life, not to mention your crowning glory, as your skin absorbs 10x the waterborne chemicals you could ever possibly ingest, just from a daily shower.

Add to that the endless list of potential dangers you are exposing yourself and your family from washing your clothes, brushing your teeth, or even cooking your food using unfiltered water. Without filtering even one of these sources of water exposure, you could be putting yourself or your loved ones at great risk.

So~SAFE has many water filtration systems to offer, from faucet to shower to washing machine water filters. In fact, they even have a water filter for your entire house to ensure that every bit of water in your home is safe and clean. On top of that, they have portable options so that you can have clean, purified water wherever you happen to be. For a low initial cost, you’ll have safe water to drink without the effort of hauling heavy boxes of bottled water back to your home.

It’s better for you, for your family, and even for the environment. So choose safe, clean water with So~SAFE.

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