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Leading provider of premium Water Filtration Equipment and solutions in UAE, which are customized to fulfill the demands of customers to meet both commercial and residential needs.

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    Since 1988, So Safe Water Technologies has been providing the best quality water filtration related solutions through its world class water purification technologies. Our main purpose is to provide safe and healthy drinking water and safety solutions which are in accordance with the international health standards, to our clients in the water purification industry. Our portfolio consists of designing, installation and commissioning of Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Wastewater Treatment Plants in UAE and also globally. So Safe Water Technologies is not only value for money but with our environment friendly water purification equipment, we ensure safety and a healthy life.

    Technologies We Provide

    Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

    So~Safe has designed and implemented Brackish Water RO systems and it also has the major components of the system to undertake maintenance tasks. RO technology is embedded in all of our stocks and RO water treatment systems for water purification as it removes contaminations, salts and other impurities. Our staff is trained in such a way that they can handle the queries of our customers effectively.

    is brackish water RO?
    Brackish water RO systems are used almost everywhere globally where the clean portable water is very scarce. These units are ideal for beverage and food industries, agriculture, resorts, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, water boiling, hotels, ice-making and many more. Regardless of your water application requirements, So~Safe will provide customized or standard Brackish Water RO systems.

    Brackish water reverse osmosis system, RO plant for Sea and Brackish water treatment for companies in UAE.

    Wastewater Treatment System

    A wastewater treatment system can be defined as a system which is comprised of few individual technologies which address the specific water treatment requirements. These systems are mandatory part of many organizations to ensure safety precautions and comply with the discharge regulations.

    So~Safe is the ultimate solution provider to meet your water treatment system needs as we provide a system which can handle variations in water chemistry needs and make required adjustments in the chemical volumes, efficiently process the variations in flow and contamination, and make possible changes in the water discharge requirements.

    Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

    Seawater RO systems are designed to convert the seawater to drinking water; the seawater desalination systems have high quality SWRO seawater desalination membranes. All of our systems have the best technology to give excellent performance and meet the requirements of our marine industry. We assure you that all of our units are manufactured in such a way that a large amount of salt and other minerals are eliminated from the seawater by these RO systems.

    The filtration is done by our equipment as it employs a high pressure pump to salty water compelling it to go through semi-porous membranes which do not allow the salt and other organics to flow through. The only task of these membranes is to remove the dissolved solids so that it can divide the feed water into pure water and rejected concentrated salt; the impurities and salt are thrown in the brine stream which are then flushed into a drain. In the end, you will have purified water which has 99% less dissolved salts.

    Industrial Seawater RO systems brackish water reverse osmosis systems for industrial water treatment needs.

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