What’s in Your Bottled Water and Tap Water? The answer may shock you

Female drinking water from a bottle in Dubai.
December 4, 2018

The water flowing from your tap looks perfectly safe. But is it as clear, clean, and pure as it appears?

Legitimate Concerns

Many questions have been raised about the purity of drinking water in Dubai. This is natural. Water is a scarce commodity throughout the UAE, and since desalinated seawater is the primary source of water in Dubai, there are legitimate concerns about its quality, so, many people use water filters in the UAE.

Desalination requires the addition of chlorine and other agents to kill bacteria and remove contaminants and what may appear to be clear, pure water, is a cocktail of additives and chemicals.

Straight From the Tap

Seen through a microscope, that clear glass of water might begin to seem a little cloudy. The water pouring from your tap contains a surprising number of invisible chemicals, metals, and organisms including:

  • Chlorine – the primary additive to tap water, chlorine is used to kill and remove harmful bacteria from drinking water. Of course, chlorine is a poison, that’s why it kills bacteria. Long-term exposure to chlorine from drinking and washing in tap water can result in serious health problems including increased risk of cancers, heart disease, allergic reactions, and asthma.


  • Lead and other metals – Even treated water can pick up dangerous metals like lead as it travels through pipes to your tap. Lead in drinking water is known to be harmful to women who are pregnant and their babies and consuming water with lead can result in learning disorders and developmental delays in children.


  • Parasites – Intestinal parasites can make their way into tap water as it travel through pipes and into storage tanks. Any break in the system can allow harmful organisms and contaminants into the water even after chlorine treatment.


  • Dirt, rust, sediment – These contaminants can enter tap water through breaks or poorly maintained transmission pipes and storage tanks.


  • Minerals and Alkali – Chlorination and other treatments do not remove unpleasant minerals and alkali from the water supply. Water containing excessive minerals and alkalis can have a disagreeable taste and make proper hydration in a desert climate unpleasant.

Your microscopic look at your glass of clear tap water in Dubai reveals that it may not be as clear as it seems.

The Bottled Water Myth

Because of the unseen contaminants in tap water, many have turned to bottled water as a solution to the drinking water dilemma. Unfortunately, studies have shown that bottled water often contains the same impurities and contaminants found in tap water, including:

Purifying chemicals like chlorine

Disinfection byproducts


Traces of pharmaceuticals like pain medications

Industrial solvents

Plastics chemicals


Even radioactive strontium has been found in some bottled waters. On average, there were at least eight pollutants in the bottled waters tested.

Is bottled water safe to drink? That depends on your tolerance for the contaminants it contains. Generally, it is equivalent to the tap water in your home. The idea that it is inherently cleaner because it is poured from a bottle is a myth.

The Drinking Water Solution

With a broad range of water purification products, So-Safe Water Technologies can provide a drinking water solution for every home and business. Using reverse osmosis, advanced filtration, and ultraviolet technology, So-Safe’s filters and purifiers will remove harmful contaminants from your drinking water, like:

Sediments and dirt particles

Chlorine and organic chemicals

Heavy metals

Excessive salts and dissolved contaminants

Bacteria and Viruses

You can even make your own perfectly balanced, great-tasting, and healthy mineral water and alkaline water in Dubai.  A pure and clean drinking water for your home or business is as near as your tap with So-Safe in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & UAE.

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