Tides Are Turning for Dubai’s Water Consumption: The Top Benefits in Switching to Filtered Water

December 4, 2018

Necessity is the mother of invention.
There once was a time when the very idea of drinking tap water in the UAE was considered ridiculous. Emiratis were of the mindset that tap water was useful only in cleaning, that the only water fit to drink was bottled. However, thanks to some incredible advancements in the fields of water desalination and purification, this has all changed.

The UAE now leads the world in desalination, we draw a staggering 98% of our water from plants like the colossal Jebel-Ali plant, which produces an incredible 2.13 billion litres of water, directly from the Persian Gulf every single day. Despite the almost miraculous nature of this feat, it doesn’t make the water entirely safe to drink, there are still contaminants from the cleansing process, like chlorine, and from the pipes, such as rust which makes our tap water unsafe.

So why not stick to bottled water?
Unfortunately, studies have shown that bottled water typically contains the exact same pollutants; Chlorine, Bacteria, fertilizers, as are often found in un-filtered tap water. Infact the plastic containers used for bottled water carry the additional risk of BPA (Bisphenol A) ingestion, which the U.S. National toxicology programme concluded in a 2008 report to carry a risk of negatively affecting brain development in foetuses and infants. The risk is particularly pronounced in hotter climates such as ours, with excessive heat accelerating the rate of BPA contamination.

So~Safe Counter Top Slimline Water Purifier is ideal for making tap water crystal clear and great tasting.” width=”550″ height=”367″ /> So~Safe Counter Top Slimline Water Purifier is ideal for making tap water crystal clear and great tasting.

So what CAN we drink?
Luckily, So~Safe water purifiers have the solution, the benefits of using a So~Safe water purifier include;

  • Peace of Mind – With a point of access water purifier, the user has peace of mind that 99.9% of bacteria, as well as chlorine, rust from pipes and other pollutants such as BPA are not reaching their water supply.
  • Cost- Bottled water is, by volume, one of the most expensive liquids in the world, often significantly more expensive than gasoline. A So~Safe water filter dramatically reduces the cost of the water we all use.
  • Environmental impact – So~Safe water filters use a locally sourced product that doesn’t need to be flown or shipped in from abroad, avoiding a needless use of energy.
  • Benefiting a vital technology- With Humanity’s growing population, and declining access to fresh water, filtered water in Dubai is supporting the development and refining of desalination technology, in which the UAE is playing an increasingly important role.
  • Ease of access- With So~Safe water filters, gone are the days where bottled water must be transported from the supermarket to the home. Clean, nutritious water is available at the turn of a tap.
  • Range of product- So~Safe offers it’s customers an unparalleled range of products, from the hand-held Disinfecting Pitcher Filter, to the Compact Ceramic Water Purifier, which can be easily attached to existing taps. In addition, So~Safe offers products suitable for filtering shower water, the water used in cooking, laundry and much more.

With all of this in mind, the choice seems obvious, ditch the dodgy plastic bottles and pick up your So~Safe water filter today.

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